Roku Activation Code: Easy Methods To Solve The Issue

We understand your current situation and that’s why we have come up with the solution of the Roku Activation Code error. 

In this article, we will know what is the issue and then we will move forward to discuss the root cause. 

Usually, the issue generated when the user tries to link the device with the Roku account. And you are not the only one who is facing this problem, it’s a very general error. 

As we concern about you so much, hence we are also giving you the option to call our highly trained technicians. 

You can call them anytime you feel free as they are round the clock available. For US/Canada: +1-888-480-0288 And For UK: +44-800-041-8324

What Is Roku Activation Code?

When the Roku user try to link the device with the account, the Roku server denied the activation code and start showing Roku Error Code 001. 

And behind the issue, there could be several reasons like: 

  • Roku activation code
  • Issue with the back end server
  • A weak internet connection
  • Wrong Roku setup

No matter what is the reason behind the issue, with the methods that we have given in this article you can easily solve the trouble. 

How to Solve The Issue Of Roku Activation Error Code 001?

Check The Activation Code

First, check if you have put the right activation code or not. If you have put the wrong activation code then enter the code again and this time be a little careful. In case you have used the Caps Lock then don’t forget to use that.

Back End Server Issue

Go to the official website of the Roku and then check if there is any news regarding the activation code. Because many times the issue arises from the back end server only and we waste our time finding something else. 

If you have found that the issue is from the back end server then you can’t do anything, just wait for the time the issue got resolved. 

Weak Internet Connection

Are you sure that you are having a proper internet connection? Try to connect any other device with the same Wi-Fi network and then see if the internet is working fine or not. 

Contact your internet service providers if your Wi-Fi is not working fine. 

As we all know that Roku is a streaming device and without the internet, it’s nothing but an empty box. 

Restart Roku Device

This is one of the simple methods, just remove all the cables from the Roku and the router, turn off the device and then restart it after a while. 

Roku Helpline Numbers

Although all the methods that have been given in this article are enough to solve the issue. But if you are facing any problem while applying all these methods then you can take help from our technicians who are looking forward to helping you. 

Don’t worry they all are highly skilled and experienced in their field. Hence they will resolve the issue of the Roku Activation Code in a short possible time. 

We assure you to give you a guaranteed solution and at a minimum price. 

Call Now! For US/Canada: +1-888-480-0288 And For UK: +44-800-041-8324

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